Backpacking Coffee Sampler

GarageGrownGear coffee sampler

A few weeks ago we ordered an instant coffee sampler from GarageGrownGear.

Here are the results of our taste test:

Cascade Coffee Roasters – Mountain Sunrise

  • Taste OK
  • Good Aroma
  • Sort of like diner coffee, not good not bad
  • 5/10

Campcraft Coffee – Light Medium Roast

  • Not a fan of taste
  • No discernible aroma
  • Like sour/fruity taste in a bad way
  • 3/10

Alpine Start – Original Blend

  • Smells smokey
  • Taste OK
  • Super quick to make
  • 6/10

Kuju Pour Over Coffee – Basecamp Blend

  • Smelled good
  • Taste great
  • SLOW to make, 4-5 pour overs to half fill a coffee mug
  • 8/10 taste
  • Wouldnt take on trips, to long to make

Steeped Coffee – Oydessy Blend

  • Like a tea bag that you dunk
  • Smells good
  • Have to pick out bag which is messy
  • Takes a bit longer to make not as long as pour over Kuju
  • 8/10

Mount Hagen

  • Came out as little freeze dried pebbles
  • Smelled meh
  • Taste 6/10

IF you have a lot of time and/or just want the best coffee out there go with the Kuju or Steeped Coffee Co varieties. After trying all of these and comparing again to something like Medaglia D’Oro instant espresso or the cheap Starbucks via I’d go with either Medaglia D’Oro or the Alpine Start blend if you can get it cheap.

The instant espresso was the best combo of taste and speed in our very limited testing.

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