Using YouTube-DL

I end up rewatching some YouTube videos fairly often it seems. If I am researching something and want to use it for instructions, or looking at a new trail, I find myself looking at a video at least a few times. But the ads on YouTube have gotten so annoying that I wanted a way … Read more

Android TV – Replace Default Home With 3rd Party Launcher

I recently purchased an Nvidia Shield TV to replace my ancient crappy android TV box that was some ALLCAPS Amazon brand. The Shield TV is great but the default Android TV home screen leaves a lot to be desired. Its incredibly busy looking, hard to find what you’re looking for and the ads/recommendations are very … Read more

Cisco ASA Code Upgrade

Upgrading the code on an ASA pair in high availability mode is relatively straight forward but still a bit of a chore. Here is the process I follow. First things first read the release notes for your new code version! You want to double check the important notes section for any new “gotchas” that might … Read more

Cisco ASA 55XX Upgrades

Just a quick note. If you’re upgrading an ASA and you’ve already uploaded and set the new code version and ASDM version and then attempted unsuccessfully to reload the switch, go to monitoring and then remote VPN connections. Check and see if you have any AnyConnect sessions and if you do log them out. Once … Read more

Notepad++ Tricks

When you’re editing configs or other text in Notepad++ it can be extremely useful to highlight and cut/copy/paste/delete vertically instead of the standard horizontal way. If you hold down the alt key while making your selection you can easily do this. Really makes editing Cisco configs a whole lot easier.