North Shore Minnesota Waterfalls Checklist

St. Louis River: Swinging Bridge Falls Oldenburg Point Cascades Kingsbury Creek: Kinsgbury Creek Falls Keene Creek: Blue Nude Falls Other Keene Creek Falls Miller Creek: Miller Creek Falls Chester Creek: Chester Creek Falls Tischer Creek: Tischer Creek Falls Amity Creek: Amity Creek Falls Keep Smiling Falls The Deep Falls Lester River: Japp Hole Falls Gunderson … Read more

Superior Hiking Trail – Sugarloaf Parking Lot to Crystal Creek Campsite

This was another “quick” overnight on the SHT. I wanted to finally use my pulk that I had bought last year and see how it works on the trail, if I enjoyed using it, if I thought it was helpful, etc. I had thought that with this route, I could see how the conditions were … Read more

Minnesota’s Lost Towns – Northern Edition

I recently came across a great book, Minnesota’s Lost Towns – Northern Edition by Rhonda Fochs. In it she describes 7 different classes of ghost towns as follows: Class A – Barren site, nature has reclaimed the land, no visible signs of former habitation. Class B – Rubble, foundations, roofless buildings. Class C – Standing … Read more