Minnesota’s Lost Towns – Northern Edition

I recently came across a great book, Minnesota’s Lost Towns – Northern Edition by Rhonda Fochs. In it she describes 7 different classes of ghost towns as follows: Class A – Barren site, nature has reclaimed the land, no visible signs of former habitation. Class B – Rubble, foundations, roofless buildings. Class C – Standing … Read more

Jello Biafra Dog Magician

Sticker found on lamp post in Minneapolis near my knife sharpening place I go to. UPDATE I think I have found out who is behind this. I have reached out and am awaiting confirmation – https://biafrainc.bigcartel.com/

Hyalophora cecropia

I was out walking my dog a few weeks ago and came across this creature. It appears to be the caterpillar of a Hyalophora cecropia! Which is North Americas largest moth! The thing was easily 4-5 inches long. Apparently it did not smell good though as my dog wasnt interested in it. Once hatched they … Read more