Hidden Park Gems of the Twin Cities – Breck Woods

Recently I learned about a project at a place called Seminary Pond, to improve storm water drainage. It was in a place I’ve never heard about called Breck Woods in Falcon Heights MN.

I had never heard of the place before and was interested in finding out more about it. Unfortunately I wasnt able to find out much. There is a small neighborhood website for it here. From what I was able to find here and there part of the park is the remnants of an old railroad grade, while the other part was just land that use to belong to Luther Seminary and left to go wild, before being purchased by the city and left unused.

Finding where it exactly it was located was a bit difficult. Looking at the street maps for the area I saw something labeled Breck woods but no foot paths or trail markers.

That big blank grey spot is the park.

But looking at satellite images gives you a better idea.

That big forested area is Breck Woods.

I parked near Stub Hall at Luther Seminary and had to walk around a bit before I found it. Finally I ended up near the UMN driving range and found what looked to be a path and started walking. Soon enough I saw parts of the old railroad.

Blurry dog photo of old railroad grade.
Stairs to neighborhood sidewalk off of Folwell Ave.

The trail isnt a particularly long one. In just a few minutes you end up in an overgrown area that consist of the Seminary Pond area thats being redone right now and a bunch of side and game trails that zigzag the woods near 280 and a number of apartment complexes.

Eventually if you hike through that tangled mess you’ll come to the back parking lot area of what appears to be Luther student housing near Fulham Street.

Its a short hike but a fun one. We saw a bald eagle, and plenty of blue jays on our short walk through.

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