Superior Hiking Trail – Sugarloaf Parking Lot to Crystal Creek Campsite

This was another “quick” overnight on the SHT. I wanted to finally use my pulk that I had bought last year and see how it works on the trail, if I enjoyed using it, if I thought it was helpful, etc. I had thought that with this route, I could see how the conditions were … Read more

Jay Cooke State Park Ski Trip

This was a first for me. I’ve done plenty of snowshoeing and camping but had never skied and camped. I’m not that great a XC skier to begin with so I wanted to go somewhere relatively close to home to practice skiing with a pack on and testing out my new winter pack. Ultimately I … Read more

Superior Hiking Trail – Split Rock Lighthouse State Park To Christmas Tree Ridge

This was just a quick overnight trip on the SHT. I wanted to test out some new gear and get out of the house, and I also didnt know what the trail conditions would be, so I planned on a quick outing. I made the drive up to Split Rock Lighthouse State Park and parked … Read more