Split Rock Lighthouse State Park

View from atop Corundum mine.

As usual the site descriptions in the Minnesota State Park reservation page left some details out. Here is a quick recap of my visit and some information on the backpacking sites.

Hammock site at BP2.

My site for the weekend was BP2 which was a quick hike in from the cart-in campground parking lot.

Campground map.

Here are some notes on all of the backpacking sites:

This is a backpacking or canoe site. This site is the quickest hike in. Its got a half picnic table, a fire pit/grill and bear box. Great views of the lake. Plenty of room for hammocks and a couple of tents depending on the size.

The site I reserved and spent the most time at. As pictured above you can fit multiple hammocks there. There’s a big tent pad, could probably fit a 4-5 person tent. Half picnic table, fire pit/grill, bear box. Path down to the lake for water access. Great views of the lake.

Pretty much right on the water. Easy access off of the Gitchi Gami paved trail too. Bear box, fire pit/grill, half picnic table. Wide open spot, plenty of room for tents and hammocks.

Closest to Corundum mine overlook. Didnt get as good a look at this site as it was already occupied. From what I saw it had the standard fire pit/grill, and bear box.

Other Notes
There is NO overnight parking at the Split Rock DOT wayside. You can park in the cart-in site parking lot with a state parks parking pass. The parking lot has water and toilets. The split rock loop is right off of the way side and is a great hike. You’ll have to take “Bob’s Famous Stairs” to get down to the backpacking sites. Sturdy wooden steps that steeply descend down to the trail. Not the biggest or longest set of stairs in Minnesota’s park system but be prepared.

The Split Rock loop is part of the Superior Hiking Trail. You can find out more info on the trail and their campaign to replace the Split Rock bridge here – https://superiorhiking.org/splitrockbridgecampaign/

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