Alpaca Wool Insoles – Long Term Review

Two years ago I was in the market for some new insoles for my winter boots. Normally I use those thick felted wool insoles like you’d get from Stegers Mukluks for example. But at the time they were sold out and I couldn’t find them anywhere. Poking around online I came across a type I had never heard or read about before.

New Alpaca Wool Insoles

They only cost me $11 at the time which is pretty cheap. They are much more pliable and thin compared to the normal wool insoles. Here are what they look like now.

Dog for size reference

Here are my random thoughts on them:

  • They “wiggle” and bend a whole lot easier. If I had tight boots that I was worried about fitting regular wool insoles into I would give these a go.
  • They seem to compress a whole lot more compared to wool insoles.
  • They’ve held up MUCH better than I anticipated. I thought that I would’ve worn holes through them by now but 2 years later, after plenty of use, they are holding up just fine.
  • They are not quite as warm as the wool insoles. They do definitely help for sure, and they’re much better than any of the synthetic/foam insoles I’ve tried. But they are not as warm as the thicker wool insoles.
  • I’d definitely buy them again if I needed insoles for non-hiking winter use or for tight boots.
  • They dont smell after 2+ years of foot stink!

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